Do children of the age group undergoing dental replacement need any orthodontic interventions (braces)? Or have to wait until all the baby teeth are replaced? That is often the question of the majority of parents with children in this age group about whether their child is in the group that needs early orthodontics.\n\nHow to properly care for children of replacement age is also a matter that many modern parents are concerned about. Vietnamese children today have more conditions to receive better dental care than previous generations, but also face an increased risk of tooth decay due to a high-sugar (sweet) diet.\n\nThe legitimate need of many parents who want orthodontics (braces) for children is for them to have a perfect smile and a brighter future, while also having long-term oral health.\n\nIn order to answer the concerns of parents about this issue, as well as for parents to have more knowledge of scientific dental care for their children during the replacement of baby teeth; Eden Dentistry will coordinate with doctors specializing in Orthodontics and Children’s Teeth to organize a festival in July 2022 as follows.\n\n1. Time – Location\n\nFrom 8:00 to 12:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 10, 2022 at Eden Dental branch in District 7\n\nAddress: 171 Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC\n\nSuitable participants:\n\nParents, grandparents, siblings,.. there are children between the age of replacing baby teeth from 6-12 years old, so bring children to attend\nCustomers wishing to consult braces – orthodontics with braces to receive the incentives of the festival\n\nCost of attendance: Free (pre-registration)\n\nRegister via the form at the bottom of the page.\n\n2. Program\n\nThe program is implemented with the following objectives:\n\nProvide information to parents about the benefits of early and regular dental care at dentists specializing in children’s teeth\nBenefits of an orthodontic examination and early orthodontic intervention (Interventional Orthodontics) during a baby’s baby tooth replacement\nCases where children’s teeth require early orthodontic intervention\nGuide parents to properly care for children’s teeth at home and educate them.\n3. Detailed content\nPart 1\nFree orthodontic examinations and consultations for all children aged 6-12 years and registered clients\nFree braces: Panoramic, Cephalo, CT,…\nFree to collect information, perform orthodontic records for children (worth 1,000,000 VND)\nPart 2\nOrganize games and arts for children to participate.\nTeabreak.\nGet a valuable gift set for all guests.\nPart 3\n\nShared by the speakers:\n\nDr. Le Thanh Son: ‘Replacing baby teeth and what parents need to know’\n\nDr. Nguyen Thuy Phuong Uyen: ‘Recognize signs of early orthodontic intervention in children’\n\nPart 4\nParents view a quick diagnostic analysis of each child’s orthodontic history with orthodontists\nSweepstakes of large-value orthodontic sponsorship packages up to 50% of the cost of treatment\n\n4. Offers\n\nThe only offer available when attending the festival:\n\n1 case reduces the cost of pre-orthodontic treatment by 50% (early intervention orthodontics)\n2 cases 20% off for Pre-Paternal \/ Orthodontic Braces treatment (*)\n2 million discount voucher applicable for pre-orthodontic\/orthodontic braces treatment (*)\nMore valuable gift sets for all attendees.\n\n* Offers for both early braces and comprehensive braces, depending on the appropriate age of the child.\n\nQuickly register for this extremely rewarding program via the form below, or contact us for support. I wish you a good time with your children at the upcoming festival.\n\n

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